Why Choose RFG?


The proper management of your investments and wealth are too important to be handled on a part time basis. 

You have seen inadequate results trying to do your own investment management and financial planning; or because of your own success, you no longer have the time or resources to properly do it yourself.

You no longer wish to nor have the time to analyze the competing proposals or claims of commissioned financial intermediaries for product oriented solutions that may be required.

Our commitment to our clients is complete and uncompromising. We enter into engagement agreements which carefully align our interests with our clients' interests. We don't do well unless our clients do well.

You want the sense of Well-being that both your interests and your advisor's interests are aligned and all possible conflicts of interest have been eliminated. This ensures that the advice you receive is provided to best achieve your stated objectives.

You have realized that you are ready for a fiduciary financial advisor whose own interests - ARE your interests.


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