Who We Are


We are an independent, family-owned registered investment advisory firm with its principal place of business located in Illinois  The firm's principal shareholder is Benjamin G Baldwin III.  We are a team dedicated to caring for, enhancing and protecting the wealth and sense of well-being of our clients. 

Our biographies are located under the "Our Team" page of our site. This and the next three sections of our site should help you to understand who we are, what we do, why we do what we do and how. The last sections will help you to understand who our clients are, our value to them and what that might mean to you.

RFG's founding principal, Ben Baldwin III, is both a third generation financial advisor and liberal arts major.  You will not suffer from a lack of description, history or discussion of what things mean!  In our stories, our hope is that you will gain a sense of our core values and world view.  We find the traditional mission statement to be bereft of meaning as they contain no sense of "from whence they came."  For now, this will speak of from whence Ben came, giving you an understanding of our founding motivations.  As the firm grows, this will grow, be enhanced by, and added to by the stories of the new and old advisors alike who come to call RFG home.