Portfolio Management and Planning

Responsive Portfolio Management (RPM) Services

With RFG consultation, Client selects or authorizes RFG to select the Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Investment Policy or Custom Portfolio Investment Policy for each client account. RFG directs with discretion and without first consulting Client, the investment and reinvestment of the assets in Client's managed accounts (the "Account") in securities and cash or cash equivalents within the selected Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Investment Policy approved by Client. RFG does not change the Client's selected Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Policy or Custom Portfolio Investment Policy without client's consent.

Risk Adjusted Portfolios (RAP’s) are proprietary blends of, (generally, but not restricted to) open ended mutual funds. The selection and trading of securities for the portfolios is at the discretion of Responsive Financial Group, Inc. ("Investment Advisor") as the investment advisor for the Portfolios. For more information regarding our Risk-Adjusted Portfolios, please click here.

RPM Services also include:

Responsive Portfolio Reporting: RFG provides at least quarterly and annually, (currently online available monthly with daily updates of all reported asset values), statements of the assets in Client’s Account, the current market value, and performance data for the quarter to date, year to date, one year, three years, five years and other standard reporting periods as appropriate and available. The reports compare the Client’s portfolio returns to a benchmark comprised of S&P 500 (with dividends) Index and the US Treasury Bill Index, based on the Portfolio Investment Policy debt/equity ratio target.

Responsive Advisement & Reporting: RFG will provide the same Portfolio Reporting service on assets held under Advisement rather than Management. RFG will also provide, on a Quarterly basis, advice with respect to current holdings and investment strategies for assets held under Advisement. Client will be responsible for implementation of any strategies and day-to-day management of Advisement assets. Advisement & Reporting assets are billed on a separate and reduced fee schedule as outlined in RPM Engagement Agreement.

Responsive Financial Planning Services

RFG provides Financial Planning services to Clients in a variety of ways. Whether through a Multi-Disciplinary approach in which a variety of aspects of the Client's financial life are examined, analyzed, and recommended on, or through a Modular approach in which specified areas are focused upon without losing sight of the overall financial picture. Once recommendations are received, RFG goes one step further to assist Clients in Implementing the recommendations.

Multi-Disciplinary Financial Planning Review: When engaged on this level of Financial Planning, the RFG Planning team views and analyzes the entire picture of a Client's financial status and then provides the following reports, along with objective, specific and non-product oriented recommendations.

  • Personal Financial Statements (What am I worth and which way is it going?)
  • Retirement Accumulation Analysis - Goals Based, "how am I doing?"
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Life Insurance Analysis & Recommendations
  • Disability and/or Long Term Care Analysis
  • Education Accumulation Analysis
  • Basic Estate Flow Illustration
  • Recommendations for Foundational Legal Documents
  • Asset Titling and Beneficiary Recommendations
  • Business Continuation Planning (For our business owners)
  • Tax Management Planning - Translating tax laws for your financial benefit

Financial Planning Modules:  RFG has found that some clients find more benefit out of using a Modular approach when engaging RFG for Financial Planning Services. With that in mind, RFG has developed a series of modules that target specified areas for intensive analysis and recommendation. That list is available in the link below, along with brief description and what each is designed to accomplish. 

RFG's Financial Planning Modules

Implementation Services: Ok, you have your recommendations. Having trouble getting them done? What if buying insurance isn't your first priority? We can't take the pain entirely out of the various product purchase or professional service engagements required to implement your plan, but we can reduce it substantially!

  • Get appropriate professional advisors for your needs, we can recommend attorneys, accountants, even counselors as required or we can work with your own.
  • Get appropriate agents, brokers, or registered representatives and have the propose the product based solutions that are in your best interest.
  • Ensure that the products and services you implement actually get implemented the way they were supposed to.
  • Have us recommend to you the best proposal among competing offers, knowing we do not have a financial interest in any one specific offer. Our financial interest is solely in your Well-being.
  • Have us endure the tedious proposal gathering and comparison process.
  • Have us read product contracts for those tricky provisions that make wow proposals go flop.
  • Minimize the number of products you might need to purchase, by artfully combining the most appropriate few.
  • Just get it done so you can do something else more fulfilling or profitable to you.

RFG can be engaged under Implementation Services for the following:

  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Disability Income Policy
  • Long Term Care Policy
  • Property & Casualty Policies