Wealth Management

Wealth Management (WM) Services

When our clients engage us for advice and service beyond the scope of our investment management platform, they become Wealth Management Clients.  This is a much more personalized experience for our clients.  This experience can range from advice and services to meet a specific need such as survivor needs for growing families or business partners, to a holistic engagement covering a full spectrum of the client's financial goals and objectives and then coordinating the efforts of their financial and professional relationships within a team approach. 
In a wealth management engagement, the client usually has one advisor who is the Team Coach, typically the advisor most trusted by the client (Team Owner) to understand the client.  It is not always the financial planner who plays this role, sometimes it is the life-long family attorney or accountant.  Because we do not try to offer all services to all clients, we focus on our core expertise of asset management and financial planning.  We are well suited to lead a team for you, or be a part of it.

We utilize the industry's leading web-based Wealth Management Platform to maintain data, provide and analyze reports, host documents, present what-if scenarios, and coordinate data flows.  Information can be shared among chosen trusted advisors, selected family members, partners, and beneficiaries for planning and monitoring purposes.  Appropriate knowledge shared on a timely basis with all appropriate parties greatly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of decision making processes.