Retirement Asset Management

Retirement Asset Management (RAM) Services

All too often, we encounter Retirement Plan participants who are stressed and confused with what to do about their company's current Retirement Plan.  Sure, there are regulations requiring those companies to make information and seminars available to their employees from which to make effective selections.  But more often than not, very little is truly gained from these information sessions held.

RFG decided to step in.  We designed the RAM solution with the plan participants in mind.  It offers participants the same high quality, fee-only investment advisory services typically enjoyed only by the wealthy.  This is not just a guidance or education program, which then leaves participants having to go out and make the changes themselves - we do the work for you.

At the core of RAM are RFG's proprietary Risk-Adjusted Portfolios (RAPs).  Our RAPs allow us (or the plan participants) to choose a specified, appropriate level of risk for the account(s).  The management of the account(s) is then handed to our Investment Management Team for implementation and ongoing monitoring.  The Team manages the account(s) seeking to maximize long term results with that specified level of risk. 

For those participants who would rather manage their own account(s), RAM has the flexibility to allow it. RFG can even provide a list of recommended funds across varying asset classes for those participants electing to not invest in a RAP.

RFG also provides reports to the third party administrator (TPA) to help prepare and update plan records and documents. We even help your TPA to prepare the yearly 1099-R for account distributions.
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